EGOVA Consultants

Engineering is often about the unseen: much of what we do is hidden. Our intent is to explain and demystify this, uncovering the invisible workings of any structure.

At Egova, we are an independent civil and structural engineering consultancy, offering our services in East Africa.


Our Services

Structural Engineering

Feasibility Studies, Design and Supervision, Structural Assessments, Project Audits

Civil Engineering

Design, Specification And Supervision of: Sanitation Systems, Roads, Storm water drainage, Water supply reticulation

Site Investigation & Geotechnical Services

Site Assessment of ground Conditions before, during and after project commencement

Paradigm Shifting Engineering

Through our expertise and imagination, we bring our clients’ aspirations to life, ensuring their effective and efficient delivery. Talk to us about your project and get ready to experience unmatched & proffesional consultancy

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